Vertical Stacking Mechanism

My team is considering making a vertical stacking mechanism. Should we use treads, or mecanum wheels (if there is a way to do this)?

You could do something like this if you wanted to use mecanum wheels:

However, I think it would be lighter and more efficient to use treads.
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Would vertically-spinning treads still be able to pick up cubes effectively?

depends on how well u build them

Yes but I wanted to know if there were any teams that already had vertically stacking mechanisms, and how efficient were they during competitions?

i saw a few none were metas for sure bot if u really want to build it then is should work fine

most robots that stack vertically either have a tube that they suck cubes into either with rollers or with passive clip things, or have a claw, but the most effective ones seem to be a combination of the two. A big claw that has passive clips at the bottom seems to be a very competitive non-tray. Although, these types of robots are harder to build and perfect than a tray, and are only competitive when partnered with a tray.

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