Vertical Tray like bot for Rise Above

New video on youtube out of China shows a bot with a folded vertical elevator that deploys on start and acts like a vertical lifting tray bot. New design for the season (will it become the meta?).


Interesting! Reminds me of the Mets Skyrise intake and one of AURA’s Skyrise robots


I know someone who was working on this but later scrapped this. That was a very impressive video.


This was the first design I made, but I scrapped it for the newer ducky claw design. It was too slow grabbing risers, and I never could get a great claw with how thin the conveyor was and how close it had to be to the ground. Setting it up was also a nightmare. It could take up to ten minutes. The rubber bands I used in the towers broke every few weeks and needed to be replaced. This team seemed to handle it really well, but I don’t think everyone will be up for that. I wasn’t.


I have a vid from my comp last saturday, i would post it but the forum doesn’t support it. It acts kinda like this.


@Kajunii42 You can post it on YouTube as unlisted and put the link in the forum. I’d love to see it.

@SCFarrell Very cool video. I never thought this design would work, but I am proven wrong. I am going to try this, and thank you so much for this.


Either post it on YouTube and post the link or upload it to google drive, enable link sharing, and post the link


I was waiting for so long for someone to make something like this. This reminds me of a robot from 4442X during Skyrise for me.

Here’s a picture of the remains.


This is posted on my junk email not my actual YouTube account


Ya I built something like this but our team scraped it couse it was wobley.

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Very cool design, thanks for sharing

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We made a video with footage of the bot.


I literally don’t understand why none of you are making a tower takeover bot with a 2m drive it’s literally iq no defense

That’s kind of what this topic is about, and some of us (including me) have built a Highrise/TT robot. Also, I might be going with a four motor drive.

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love at about 50 seconds when the cat gets on the field. In my experience, pets have always loved the fields.

I need some teaching, how to make the convarer fold.

I saw lots of TT tower bots last year, and in the video, they have it rubber banded back so when they activate a certain motor, it unhooks and springs up. I am not sure what you’d do with the chain, as that has to fold up too.

Chain isn’t a huge issue because it can move easily, I’m pretty sure that if the sprockets start closer together than they end it’s fine because as the sprockets move apart the chain will just gain tension.