Vertically Mounting C-channels

Does anyone have any tips to vertically mount C-channels?

There are many ways to vertically mount C-channels, but it depends where any why you want to vertically mount them. Do you have a specific place where you want to mount the c-channels?


I’m planning on mounting the blue channel. There is a hole I plan on putting a screw through, but I was wondering if there were any common tecnhiques.


So some people like to place spacers in the c-channel that has the flat bearing and then screw the c-channel to the spacers. If you do decide to attach it that way, it is always a good idea to cross brace. This is one of the most common methods I have seen. Sorry about the bad picture



You can put a c-channel across both faces to hold them together, then use shaft collars and standoffs to triangle brace the vertical c-channel to other points on the drivetrain if you have to put it in that particular spot.


I really like to use U channels for mounting towers, but if you need your tower to be a 3 wide, obviously you can’t do this. just screw it to the horizontal c channel, and then triangle brace it to stop it from wiggling.


Here is an example of using standoffs and collars to brace a tower:
Noramlly I would put more connection points than the 2 screws on the bottom, but this was just a test.


Thanks so much everyone!

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