(Very briefly) The Highest Alliance Score in the World? 153 point match

I think we may have been #1 for a matter of minutes before teams in Wisconsin got 163 points (great job to them, can’t wait to possibly see the video). Regardless, here is the new #2 alliance score in the world:

As you can see, there is a lot of room for improvement (having an autonomous routine would help us a lot, as would at least five to seven other changes). We only really started the switch to an internal stacker about a month ago. But, for now, this is the highest scoring match that is on YouTube at least… so we have that going for us.

Enjoy! I’m looking forward to trying to pass 160 in a couple of weeks, at our next tournament.

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Here is the 163 point match:

What time is it at? The video is 9 hours long :stuck_out_tongue:

I updated the link. Doesn’t seem like embedded youtube likes time codes.


Interesting… I was wondering how they would score so high with so few cones on the 20-point mobile goal at first. Transferring to the stationary goal would do it. I might want to make an automatic way to do that, as well. Thanks for the link!

Before the 163, the previous best score was a 157 at the Asia Open VEX Robotics Competition in December.

I’m really interested why it’s not here: https://vexdb.io/extras/high_scores

But it is here: https://www.robotevents.com/robot-competitions/vex-robotics-competition/RE-VRC-17-2945.html

@nallen01 ???

Here’s the current top 10 in case anyone’s interested:

FVL VEX Experience - VRC High School Only                     163
2017-2018 Asia Open VEX Robotics Competition -  High School   157
Northern Arizona VRC Qualifier                                153
Benson High School VEX Robotics Tournament - High School (In  152
Northeast Wisconsin VEX Robotics Competition In-The-Zone      150
Cybear Test and Tune                                          150
2017-2018 Asia Open VEX Robotics Competition - Middle School  149
Heritage Christian VRC In the Zone Tournament; Indianapolis,  148
Benson High School VEX Robotics Tournament - High School (In  147
2017-2018 Asia Open VEX Robotics Competition - Middle School  146

(Edit) earlier version had the names shortened too much which hid the fact that a few of those scores were from middle school events (impressive!).

Glad to see I wasn’t secretly far lower than I thought, after the revelation that there was another score unaccounted for at the top. Thanks for posting!

It’s probably because the event took a few weeks before it posted its data to Robot Events.

(I remember that 8825S got a 192 in Skills there, making them #1 in the world, but it wasn’t until sometime after January 6th that this score showed up on the World Skills Standings.)

If I remember correctly, @nallen01 has previously said that VexDB stops checking for event data a few days or weeks after the event, to prevent overloading the servers.

Does that intake rolling over the cone to intake it help your driver at all?

I am the driver (but you didn’t need to know that). Yes, this orientation is far better for picking up cones near the fence, too. Ideally, you should line up the next cone while stacking, so you come down on it and instantly grab it. But, the field perimeter can make that hard. Being able to drive into it is then far easier.

B-Kinney is correct. It only continues to check for event data for 4 days after the event ends. This event must have taken longer to upload their results than that.

I’ve set it to re-fetch the data for the two events (MS and HS) and they’re there now.

Thanks, @nallen01!