Very Early Season Robot Reveal (49637A)

This is an early season project I was able to build during summer break. I was unfortunately unable to do field tests but I was still able to semi replicate the low net barrier. This design is a 4m drive (257 rpm), 2m cata (40rpm), and a 1m intake (600rpm). It uses a rotation sensor to calculate the loading angle. It uses 7 motors leaving one free for other mechanisms.
If you have questions about the robot, how I built parts of it, or any feedback please feel free to leave it in the discussion forum.
YT vid:


Are you using screw joints for your floating intake?

I love how you used a folding chair and spin up discs to mimic the goal. Very impressive robot. @Yasir6869 are you going to MoA?

Yes the intake uses screw joints, I would also recommend using bearing flats to make it run smoother.

MOA filled up too fast so our team wasn’t able to register.