VEX 1/4" Pitch Metal & Bearings

Hi Everyone,

I’m happy to announce the release of the VEX 1/4" Pitch Metal & Bearings:

This looks awesome!!! Some mini motors would be awesome for use with this like half sized so that truly mini mechanisms could be built!

I think those are gonna be out with the Vex mini.

Will these use smaller screws and shafts or can these use the current hardware?

I would assume the latter. There are no mini shafts or screws, so why would these be here if they were useless? They must work with normal hardware.

They are compatible with all current VEX components.

The same size hole just at 1/4" spacing instead of 1/2" spacing.

Round holes instead of square, as well.

Interesting… Would be very interesting if there were smaller gears to go with them… :wink:

I want a midgit gearbox!

P.S. Any chance that you guys can add these parts into the Vex CAD library? I’d like to see what I could come up with.


There are STEP files posted at the top of this page: