VEX 2 Motor Synchronization

Is it possible to assign two motors to a single button without using the drive train mechanism? Is it also possible to sync two motors together so they move at the same rate? I am building a lift and because I have to put them on two different buttons, it makes it very uneven.


Yep! All you have to do is have to commands after your if statement. So long your commands aren’t blocking the rest of your code they will run simultaneously.

Don’t quote me on this but I think you can also just set the motor power to button.pressing() times 100.

if u use modkit (dont!!!) they have a thing for that in robot setupScreenshot%20(60)
DONT USE MODKIT FOR ATON but for driver program it is fine

I was using the vex block code program. I was trying to use the controller and motor interface which was provided. Is there a way to do it that way?unnamed

no, you can’t control 2 motors through graphical without using drivetrains

@Tor4848 why do u have a 2 motor function in sa???

I just got an image from the internet. Its not my actual code

Absolutely. I don’t assign anything on the drive train. Don’t listen to the haters, graphical is a robust programming environment.



blocks isn’t graphical imo anyway but I guess that’s up to interpretation

Coding platforms are generally divided into graphical and text… What other category is there?

I’m referring to blocks as blocks and pictures as graphical. Both text and blocks have graphical aspects (like the motor config). I wasn’t counting the blocks themselves as ‘graphical’

also note my original reply to the OP:

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