Vex 2012-2013 Season?

I was wondering if the Vex competition changes every year…I know they used balls and barrels this year, but will it be the same next year?

Thanks :slight_smile:

No. It will not be the same as this year.

We had a different challenge last year called: RoundUp.

It changes every year.

It this the answer you needed?

Thank you for your response! However, a video I saw of last year’s world championships seems to be gateway and not round up:

The World Cup is different than the World Championships. The World Cup was held early in the season in NZ (and may be a one-time event), while the World Championship is held at the end of the season every season.


Ohh, I see! Haha, that cleared a lot of confusion!

Thank you,

I wonder what next year’s game will look like? Someone suggested that the scoring pieces could be pyramids, but it was said that that would be too hard to pick up. But the triangle thought gives me an idea… What if next year’s pieces are triangular prisms, like the one in the picture?

That would be really cool! Conveyor lifts wouldn’t be quite as effective, maybe a triangular claw?

I don’t know, but once our teams get back from worlds, we are spending a whole lot of time on our robot.

Us too! :slight_smile:

I think triangles is a very likely idea. That would sooo hard to pick up tho :frowning:


All of our A team is actually dropping our sports just to make an amazing robot. I actually just came up with a design, I’ll have to start drawing it up soon!

How are you making a design for a non-announced game?

I’m just reallly hoping that the game uses triangle shaped pieces. Thats all I need at least for myself.

I think an underwater game is much more likely.

I’m not convinced. But even if the objects are triangles, it would really depend on the scale, and the type/height of goals. But after next years game is announced, we will be designing and strategizing like mad.

Which is why we make a 16 bar Owen… which then has a 4 bar mounted on top of it so it can go even higher… It’s genious!

That would be super-duper heavy though

rubber bands, aluminum, and a 6 motors drive the lift.

tbh I dont think you will need to go much higher than 30" so you might want to stick with a 6 bar or even a 4 bar.

I am not designing until the new game is released, but if I dont qualify for worlds then I will build a chassis to practice programming on. although I really hope the new game can be played by gateway bots so I dont have to change my design :stuck_out_tongue: