Vex 2012-2013 Season?

so what is the 2012-2013 vex robotics game anyway

We wont know until it is announced at the world championship this april

Triangles would indeed be a break form the norm. I mean other than elevation, scoring objects have always been round.

Tennis balls in bridge battle
Balls in clean sweep
Rings in round up
and now barrels and balls in gateway

Because of this I feel like triangles are unlikely. Though that would be cool if we do end up using them.

I just hope that next year the objects are smaller and the goals aren’t higher then 30" haha

Don’t tell me this is starting in VEX to…

Triangles are a pain in the butt! which is why they would be loads of fun! :smiley:

  • Andrew

Field is tilted at 30 degree angle. Alliances start at bottom, game objects are at the top.

VRC 2012-2013: Ascension

Wonder how much those fields would cost :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I think triangles would be pretty cool. It would be a lot harder than picking up Rings, or Cylinders.

What day exactly is the game announced?

april 19th

I think it wold be really cool to see an obstacle in the centre of the field. First does this and the robots in their comps. seem to have alot of transmissions and suspensions. I have seen a couple transmissions in our games but no suspensions yet. It would be interesting.

I know! Me and my FIRST buddies always make this joke at worlds, and everyone looks at us funny.

I read CD (:)), but am not in FRC… (:() So I get the joke, too…

It will actually be on the 20th this year. 2012 agenda


Will the Animation be uploaded to YouTube that day? I will want to start reading through the game manual, and watching the Animation 30 thousand times :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it was last year… My guess is that they upload it ahead of time, and then make it public during the kickoff. Probably the same with the Wiki page (design it first, then upload) so it’s ready to go for everyone really quick…


You could watch the worlds livestream for it or someone will probably upload it to youtube after. I will probably take a video of it and upload it when I return to my hotel.

Last year, if I remember correctly, I pulled the manual up in the parking lot as we left the competition that day. So you shouldn’t have to wait too long after the announcement to get all of the details.

I personally hope for a game next season that will make it easy for newer teams with limited budgets to prepare makeshift fields at low costs. Hopefully they don’t make the game too extravagant :p. Perhaps a start can be translating the “Low Cost Field Options” document to English? :wink: We have to buy all new parts this season, so spending 500 bucks in order to practice is not exactly the most attractive idea.

It would be cool if vex could use kinect for autonomus too like frc:)

I hope we can actually hear the game video this year :smiley: