Vex 2013-2014 Game Prediction

I noticed that lots of the games involve balls as game objects. It seems that every two years there is a vex competition that involves balls as game objects. The years are by World Championships.

2008 Bridge Battle- Tennis Balls
2009 Elevation- Cubes
2010- Clean Sweep- Footballs, Soccer Balls, Basketball
2011- Round Up- Rings
2012- Gateway- Barrels and Balls
2013- Sack Attack- Hacky Sacks
2014- Something involving balls.

So my guess is that next years game is going to involve balls as game objects. The trend may continue with every other game having balls as game objects.

How awesome would it be if it involved ping-pong balls?

Yeah, they would break a lot and go everywhere, but still?

If the game was VEX Table Tennis.

Bouncy balls!

im thinking underwater basketball

That’s what I was hoping for. It’d be another great “unpredictable” scoring element. (with the sacks, you can’t guarantee shape)

Going with unpredictable game objects, what about hockey pucks? Those would make for a very interesting game.

I don’t know why, but I’m feeling an unpredictable scoring object and a challenge similar to Clean Sweep, where you have to get the scoring object to the opposite side of the field, like goals or something.

A water game isn’t going to happen (MOST LIKELY)… but I think it would be cool to have something that ‘flows’ like water, like marbles or something. :smiley:

Ftc has done that before.

I think that a robo-soccer style game would be a lot of fun. It would force multiple designs to be created for teams to play the game effectively(Goalie-bot and Scoring-bot).

And it was terrible :frowning:

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“VEX Marble Mix.” That would be interesting if the field were just completely full of tiny plastic marbles. Teams would have to make light robots with tank tread to glide over the marbles, or heavy ones to push huge piles of marbles into the opponent’s path.

EDIT: This would reduce violent pushing/blocking gameplay, since 2 robots pushing against each other would just shovel marbles out from underneath themselves with their wheels, and get both robots stuck in a hole.

A multiple level field where robots have to climb to each level for different game objects and scoring styles

1st level: put balls into tubes/pipes
2nd level pick up boxes and triangles and put them in the matching troughs (or build a ramp to the next level) :smiley:
3rd level (Top): Hanging objects on wires/ropes

This is very complex, but would be pretty cool!

Most of them were done before in FRC.

I remember doing the stacking of boxes and the hanging on wire before.
Quite boring after a while… coz the game play became very stale after a while.

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I would like to see movable base or goal posts (e.g. FRC - Raising the bar).
That will allow more variety in terms of strategy.

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That was actually done a couple years ago in round up, there were some heavy bases that could be scored on. The metagame that year was to dump the bases under a larger ladder structure in the field, so they couldn’t be descored

I know… my teams were involved in Round-up… and we even had a GER-lookalike robot to dump bases in.

But the FRC’s Raise the Bar game was different… there wasn’t any place to lock the bases.
And if you snatch the movable goalpost back to your own zone, you doubled the score.

It definitely gave a lot more game play than Round-up.

But don’t get me wrong, Round-up had its own elements to make the game interesting as well.

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Those were just random examples. They can put whatever they want on each level.

That would get pricey for the field though… because each level will need a platform to support 4 robots the weight of the floor and game objects …
Not to mention taller field walls so you can not drive off the edge…

And what about elevated fields? By the time you get to the third level you wouldn’t be able to see your robot… assuming a ceiling of 24 inches per level and 36 inches for the elevated section… you would be 9 feet off the ground… this also would not allow you to lift very high… you would also have to have the walls be removable so you can reset the field…

Not to mention unsafe because you would need a ladder to take your robot off the top level…


Some of the greatest examples of Robotic entanglement ever!

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