Vex 2015 World Reveal - 1410L

Yes, I know this season is over, but I wanted to show people the video anyway…
(I didn’t know that people were sharing their videos on the forum)

This video was made a week before the worlds competition, so I had to work with what I had(luckily it was spring break for us )

This is the first time I made a reveal type video, so I would appreciate any feedback or criticism.

Overall, the video was pretty good, though I would have liked to see a little more of your robot playing the game, especially some cube scoring. Also, I’d probably mention each specification as you show it, like mentioning your Holonomic drive while showing a video of your robot strafing. The robot itself is pretty cool though. How many skyrises were you able to score cubes on?

Thanks for the suggestions!

Our robot can put cubes up to the 6th skyrise.

Great robot! The reveal video is really nice aesthetically. Just one clarification. In your reveal video it states that you got 35 points in programming skills and ranked 31st world-wide. However, on robot events, it says 32 points. I was wondering if it was just a typo or did you imply that on a perfect routine you can achieve 35 points? Thank you!

We improved our autonomous after the Programming Skills challenge closed, so thats why on the official rankings it says 32.

Thanks for the compliments!

Ah. That makes sense.