VEX 2017-2018 Challenge release

When do they release the new challenge our team is new to VEX please help

According to the agenda the new game is set to be released within the time range of 4:45-6:15 on Saturday, April 22nd. Last year it was around 5:30 if a recall. Regardless, worth it to watch the whole finals/reveal - might be some exciting finals matches.

Still don’t see the new challenges…

Do you mean the online challenges? If so, I believe they don’t release them until August or a date near that.

I’d like to plan my Game Design animations ahead…

Last year they were released in early September. If it has been offered for a few years and the specs haven’t really changed I think you can feel comfortable planning it out. Just don’t get to deep until they are official!

This always take so long. They already have RobotEvents ready, fields and scoring objects ready to ship, but not the challenges… All I can do is build robots in AutoCAD.

It always takes them a while to release the stem as well. Just pick a theme already!!! I’m going to make some training videos with my kids once the kits come in for the last couple of weeks of school.

Part of the problem with the online challenges that they have to coordinate with the sponsors. So they have to figure out with the sponsors going to do first before they release them. As some of them are committing a lot of money to this it’s going to take them a little while to figure it all out.

They like to release them all at the same time and have them due at the same time.

Yeah, it doesn’t make sense why they can’t release the online challenges sooner. Seems like a good thing for students to work on over summer

As the person that ran the Online Challenges for several years (but not 2016-17) I have a couple of observations:

Sometimes, the challenges have been released while Worlds was ongoing. Sometimes, because of real-world issues, things are delayed. Sometimes, most challenges are out by the end of April while one or two are still “under construction.”

The Foundation is always understaffed, and everyone wears multiple hats. If the director of Online Challenges had no other jobs, meeting student expectations would be simple, but that’s not the way it works. To put it another way, speed costs money. How fast do you want to spend?

I think the current director is doing a great job. Have a little patience.

We’d like to spend at the rate team registration fees are increasing! Sorry couldn’t resist.

Totally get the task priority and overworked staff situation. Last season all but 1(?) challenge was ready to roll early on which was great but then everything was placed on ice until much later.

@JaniceMiller Assuming you’re Online Challenge Director this season what teams would really appreciate is knowing when they’ll be released so they can plan accordingly. Would be great if you could provide some insight. Perhaps a progressive release in 2 batches might make sense? Some of the sponsored challenges might take longer to finalize at a guess.

Thanks for all the questions, comments and suggestions. Please understand there are many factors that feed into releasing Online Challenges, apart from sponsors and staffing, as it’s not just one person running the show. This is not a delay, because we want to give you the best experiences and opportunities to submit entries as possible, which takes time and careful preparation. Also understand that the dates they are open for submission will always be later than the dates they are announced - this is because we constantly strive to improve our offerings and your experience, year after year, so we need to make changes to the platform over the summer, so that your experience each season is even better than the one before.

We will announce the names of the Online Challenges for this new season shortly; however, realize that the date challenges are open for submission typically comes in late summer/early fall.

@JaniceMiller Thank you for your effort. I’m looking forward the challenges for this new season!

Thanks! Also for future reference, if you have questions relevant to Online Challenges, please post in the appropriate topic area on the Forum specific to Online Challenges. Please navigate to Competitions > Online Challenges > Online Challenges Official Q&A at the top (if you are expecting an answer from staff).