Vex 2018-2019 Rules

Does anyone know if you are aloud to hold two blocks at once in the 2019-2020 VRC season?

As far as I know you can hold as many as you want. I haven’t seen anything in the rules about how many cubes you can hold.

Alright Thanks. I haven’t seen anything about it neither and my team wanted to make sure of things.

There is no limit to how many a robot can hold


A quick search will find numerous threads asking the same question, the first one being:

Also the title to your thread is very vague compared to the content of your message.

It would probably be helpful to you and your team to take some time to review the rules in their entirety, especially at this point in the season. The most current manual can be found here:

As an EP I usually read through it once a month, as well as the official Q and A once it gets roaring. This the the best thing you can do to prevent future disappointment. the last place you want to learn the consequences of a rule are at a tournament. Sometimes a rule (or lack thereof) doesn’t smack you in the face until you read it again after you start building.

This would be more appropriate in its own thread in a different channel. The forum is most useful when the title of the thread is relevant to the thread.


I don’t understand what you mean, I was just asking a question that we couldn’t find an answer to on the Vex Rules. So I’m sorry if it hurts you.

No apology needed.

I’m just pointing out a more efficient way for you to find the information that you need. Most of the time that I have a question (besides BO1 BO3) you can find that the question has usually been asked already and you can get on with it faster.

Also, if there are multiple threads that ask the same question, it cutters the forum and makes it a little more difficult to find the informaiton you need.

This is just about creating the best forum for everyone. Best of luck on your season!