VEX 202 Starstruck Reveal

Here is our CREATE US Open reveal:

Hope you enjoy!

9 stars, 3 stars and 2 cubes. Two huge dumps there, well done. Very great bot.

The most dominate robot I’ve seen this year. From the looks of the live streams you completely changed the meta of your region.

Wow, very impressive. I can’t find your number on the team list for worlds. Did you qualify?

I watched the stream. They burnt out in Semifinals at State, so no. Very sad. :frowning:

Unfortunately no we did not qualify but, there will be 8 other awesome teams from Wisconsin there. In no particular order 536C, 1032A, 1200C, 1200F, 1790B, 2527A, 5062A, and 5509A will be at worlds. We had a collar on our lift loosen up in Semifinals essentially making our lift a 2 motor lift for the first match and a star get stuck in us for the second match.

Here’s the picture of the collar and gear that shifted over

Well, that’s horrifying, also I love the paint job, good luck at the US open, unfortunately my team didn’t qualify but we will try and find a live stream of it, I’ll be looking for your robot

Great Vid!!! Better Bot!!! Good luck at Nationals!!!

Like the fpv footage! This is probably the best use of it I’ve seen. Might have to try that

Congratz on a great season guys! Cant wait to see you this week at the US OPEN. I see that the torque motors on the lift are getting some pretty impressive dumps, smart change.

You know that do skills and get 6-7 more points, THEN you qualify for worlds?
But idk if a skills comp or a normal comp is still open :L

ummm… the skills standings were finalized as of march 13 and that was the deadline for qualifying for worlds with skills

Oh :frowning: Well, hopefully I can see you guys( @Kelton ) at nationals! I will be headed on my trip this Wednesday :stuck_out_tongue:

We had the same lift internal and external ratio at state. The reason we “burnt out” in the semi-finals was we were basically down to a two motor lift because of the loose collar.

Definitely stop by our pits or we can stop by yours.

One of the best bots I’ve seen this year. It’s a shame you guys won’t be at worlds. Love the color, too. Anodized aluminum?

Cheaper than anodizing, but it does chip if the metal isn’t properly prepared.

I’d also be worried about the extra weight this adds. Anodizing is a controlled corrosion, so it doesn’t add weight; however paint is an extra layer. To do it right it also requires a couple layers of primer and a seal, which could add up to quite a bit of weight.

True, paint does add weight, but this paint is of high enough quality that no primer was required and only a thin coat of the Metalcast was actually needed for the desired look. So the guys on my team felt that the minuscule amount of weight this paint added was inconsequential.

So what you’re saying is you guys don’t actually have slim margins? :open_mouth: