Vex 2021-2022 Tipping Point Ideas

Hello everyone, the reason I am creating this topic is that due to COVID, my team didn’t compete and I barely retain any information I had in previous years (you can even call me a beginner). Anyway, I was reaching out to this forum to see where I should start researching and what robot designs you would recommend building in this upcoming season to have a successful season. I already watched the Vex Robotics Tipping Point Overview video along with reading the Vex Robotics Game Manual Version 0.1, and I now need ideas for this year’s Vex Robotics problem. I already looked at some robot reveals, but I still would love more ideas for this year’s problem. If you get a moment and have time to respond to this post it would mean the world to my team and I. Thank You!!!

If you use the search bar, you’ll find lots of topics, and you won’t be flamed so badly by your colleagues for not searching/reading the forum before posting something that’s already been discussed.


Crap, I was being an idiot, I am super sorry. Thx