VEX 2022-2023 Challenge Idea (FUNNEL VISION)

This is an idea I developed early today, and I’ve shown it to some other people who really like it and wanted to share it with you all. I am a pretty bad drawer, so I do apologize for it looking crude. If you guys have any change or addition requests, please let me know. Here is a rundown of the game:
BASICS- Both main and alliance funnels have flood gates which must be held open to let balls out, and main funnel has a switch which changes where balls can go into in the funnel. Funnel may jam which would either be a warning, penalty, or funnels would be flywheel powered. Cages are where the balls are stored in, and where floodgates are put facing outward.

R.I- 4 bots, 2 alliances
R.II- Under or equal to (~)22 inches
R.III- Extends under 3 1/2 ft. (1.06 meters)
R.IV- Between 8-10 motors (probably 8)
R.V- Pneumatics allowed in a max of 4 pneumatic tanks

G.I- 20-30 5 in. Foam balls
G.II- 4 4-legged tacks
G.III- 1 main funnel, 2-4 points per ball in alliance color cage, 2 team funnels, 1-2 points per ball in cage.
G.IV- Main funnel becomes unavailable in last 30 seconds
G.V- ‘Flood gates’ on both home and main funnel unavailable in last 30 seconds
G.V- Tacks on either alliance side worth 10 points. 2 blue tacks start on blue side, 2 red tacks start on red side.
G.VI- Tacks cannot be out in funnels, doing so is a Penalty. Doing so to intentionally jam funnel is a DQ.
G.VII- Elevating on neutral platform is worth 15 points, must be fully on platform
G.VIII- Fully elevated means no part of robot is sagging off of platform

This is a really crude rule menu, but I don’t really need it be full of rules to get the point across of this idea.


Isn’t this really similar to this years FRC game?

None the less still a cool concept. I was thinking it would be similar to this, but has anyone actually ever predicted the next game.


Depends on what you mean by predicted. If you count this years game there was a very good prediction photo leeeeeek that everyone saw. And that one time that the game manual updated before it was released bc they played the wrong part of the video.

Anyone else remember any? those are the “predictions” that I know of

For anyone who didn’t see leeks, here are some pictures: leeks


Yes I have in 8th grade going into 9th grade I kept telling my brother that the best game had to deal with us moving balls but he wouldn’t listen to me. Next thing we know “Change up” was the name of the next game.

Please try not to revive dead topics.

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