Vex 2022 Rule clarification (Safe Zones)

Are there safe zones in this year’s game? I looked through the Vex manual for the game and I have not seen anything stating that a team is not allowed underneath their goal or their opponent’s goal. If anyone could clarify the rules it would really help my team’s design process. Thanks!

If it doesn’t state it in the rules, it’s allowed.


Thanks for the help bro

Having read through the game manual twice for fun, I haven’t seen any “safe zones”, barring the autonomous line and vertical extension under the goals. I may be wrong about this, and be aware of updates, but it seems pretty “unsafe” to me. :slight_smile:

To be honest, I sort of expect a change for the loading zone area, because that seems likely to be an area of dispute, with teams trying to shoot from there and other teams trying to knock them off target.


That is literally the point of the game.


Ah, yes. I just expect the officials to limit vigorous interaction there. We’ll see if I’m right… which I very well might not be.

If there’s not a rule preventing it, then what’s there to enforce/limit?

Absent a rule change with the August game manual, any game officials limiting action in those spaces wouldn’t be in compliance with the rules.


How many events have you officiated?

I would look at Certifications for this season - events with certified referees should do fine.


I should clarify that I meant that it is a very real possibility that the game manual update would include some restriction on said gameplay.

nope. I do not believe that to be true.


I may be wrong, we’ll certainly see. I just don’t want anyone to be caught off guard by a safe zone rule if one is created.

There are already existing rules regarding robots interactions, etc.
The evergreen G12.

It is not the 1st time VRC is having a game that heavy defense is expected. So no reason why teams are taken by surprise.


They would be according to their own subjective interpretation of the rules :wink: