Vex 3-pin and Vexplorer 2-pin connectors

I’d like to be able to buy 10-packs of the Vex PWM and Vexpolorer DC connectors. Kind of like the parts they sell here, except Vex compatible.

Obviously, I can just use generic .1" single-row connectors, but I much prefer to have the proper polarizing tab. I could just buy Vex extension cables and clip the sockets off, but that would be way too expensive.

Seems like an easy product to add, since there is no design work to do.


  • Dean

Yes i would like to see this a many more products such as the speed controller circuit and so on.

I don’t mind buying circuits and cables from vex, its no fun when everything comes pre assembled! If you sell the circuits it would allow for vex users to make there own little add ons to the micro controller.

I like to modify my own stuff to suit my needs and having to buy vex cables and cut off the ends off is just to expensive when i have my own wiring and i just need a connector.

I also found out where to get thin cable that fits perfectly in the vex slots, cut open some standard Ethernet cable a viola a bunch of color coded cables!