VEX 3 stage cascade lift

Can you share 3 stage cascade lift instructions through PDF? Pls.

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Woah, that’s a bit much to ask for. The point of vex is that you design it, there is no step by step instruction manual. However, you can look up resources on the internet for how cascade lifts work and apply those concepts.


The only thing we found was a video, and it is hard to depict the measurements.

perhaps you can find other resources about cascade lifts, which are not in Vex, such as in FRC where they are far more common. Espeically the last season, when robots were required to lift very high in order to reach the top hatch compartment.

We cannot give you what you seek. The point of this program is to take consents and apply them yourself.

That’s the beauty of it: there is no instruction manual. As the community, we can share concepts and small ideas or solutions, but the implementation thereof is completely up to you.

If this is for competition, and the concept (with legitimate research) is still going over your head, maybe start out with something simpler and work your way up to the cascade lift you seek to build.

If this is for a class (teacher or student), then we can help with very specific questions, but it is a rarity that you will find building walkthroughs coming from us (or anywhere in the Vex community, for that matter).


People don’t do reveals or give leeks so that people can hole count and copy their design exactly, those are there so teams can showcase their accomplishments on their robot and others can learn from them while still making their own unique design. Vex is about creativity. If you know how a 3 stage cascade lift works, try making your own. you can always come back to the forum to ask questions though :slightly_smiling_face:


Very few teams actually base their robots on what is provided in the instructions. It doesn’t give them very much variability to adjust the design of their robot. Unlike with other platforms such as EV3, there are very few provided instructions for Vex, other than the standard Vex EDR robot builds.

This should be much more than enough to build a cascade lift. Gl in the next season.


if your asking for a cascade lift, then you must be good enough to make it on your own. in vrc there isn’t really a step by step manual

Tbh I would recommend a dr4b, there shouldnt be a need for a cascade this season, but to each his own…


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