Vex 3141S winter reveal

Here is the video for our winter reveal. Feel free to ask any questions.

That’s really similar to my robot, How high can you stack, and are you going to add any more bracing?

Is the unloading the mg strategy faster than normal stationary stacking? Also, what’s the gear ratio on your adjustment arm?

With 4 motors, you could probably run that lift turbo.

And to 1970k. And 8675a, and 9065c, and 929u, and 202z, and half of 2131, and what my bot is planned to look like. In other words, we have reached design convergence.

How long could it last in Vex HYDRO?

Looks good. Maybe could do with more rubber bands on the lift though.

We can stack up to 15. And we’re continuing to make the lift more stable.

We’re not sure yet. Right now I’m nebraks it’s better to get the stacks placed than worry about stationary. And our 4 bar is 3:1

We’re actually thinking on making it 2 motor 1:5 torque and make it a 6 motor turbo base to help us against defensive robots

How do you guys track the distance and direction of your robot in autonomous? I don’t see any shaft encoders.

We have encoders on the back of both of our drives

What is the Vortex alliance? I think I saw something like it on 8675A’s robot along with 1970K’s.

I know a couple of the members of Vortex are: 8110x, 1970k, 8675a, 7232x, 3141s, 2719b, 9065c, 1008m, 8675c, and 929u.

I’m also quite sure you guys took the naming scheme of “Nessie” from 5069D last year… (we were allianced at state last year)

ahh… does this have to do anything with Johnny English? XD

LMAO :slight_smile:

No. We renamed to The Lochnut Monster. So we just thought Nessie would work

How long until you do another complete rebuild of you robot???

Blitz Alliance OP