VEX 393 Integrated Encoder Motors

I had some questions about the integrated encoder motors. Do I have to buy them personally in order to get them, or were they already included in clawbot box? Also, if I buy them, is it possible to use them for driving or is it only for autonomous period use? Because from what I’ve seen, you connect these motors into IME ports, which is not a motor port.


For competition use, you can legally use any VEX sensors at any time.

For hobby/other use, you can use numerous sensors (VEX and third party) at any time.

They connect to the (single) I²C port, which indeed is not a motor port.

Integrated Motor Encoders are legal modifications to standard motors that allow you to measure their movement, think Quad Encoders that you can stick on top of your motors. They are sold separately and plug into the I2C port. However, for competition, I would not recommend them, as they have a rather nasty habit of building up static and shutting down your cortex in the middle of a match (grr)

Thanks for your replies, and yes I’m using it for competition use, but do you have to buy them, or were they already included in the clawbot kit that our team bought? We also have a lot of materials from last year, but I can’t seem to find integrated encoder motors.

Also, as I have asked in my orginal question, is it possible to use integrated encoder motors as an actual human driving motor? I’m asking this because as you guys have said, they are connected to I2C port, which is not a motor port, so I’m doubting that it will work with the remote control

The IME is just a sensor. You can use them in driver control, for example, to run a PID


The IME’s do come in the clawbot competition and mechtronics kit. I’m not sure about the clawbot programming kit though.