Vex 3d Printable Change Up Balls (One Tenth)

I have created models of the Changeup Balls that are optimized for 3d printing on smaller sized 3-D printers. These are 1-10th of a full ball. The intended use for these models is for prototyping while teams are waiting for the official game objects, (but if you just want a rainbow colored ball I won’t judge you).
Please note this is only intended for smaller printers, on larger printers I recommend printing the half size ball directly, found in the following topic: 3d-printable-change-up-balls

“Ball_Simp_Tenth” is optimized for rapid 3d printing and can be printed without support. Ten of these must be printed for a full Change Up Ball. It uses two Ball_Simp_Ring to engage all the pieces in each half of the assembled ball. Five 8-32x1.5" screws and nuts are also required to join the two halves.


“Ball_Acu_Tenth” can be used to assemble a ball of approximately the same weight as the actual competition ball (it will be approximately 2g over). It will require supports and a longer printing time. Nylon screws and nuts must be used in order to get the weight to be accurate. (Five 8-32x1.5" and ten 8-32x.5" screws for a full ball)


Assembled Ball

The files can be found on GrabCAD at the following URL:

Additionally I will add a zipped folder containing the models in a post below so I can update them later on if i need to.
I have not printed these myself, so if you run into any issues please let me know and I will make the nessesary changes to fix any issues that may occur.


Here is the zipped files containing the models: (490.0 KB)

Any changes will be noted here and the file will be re-uploaded with the changes.


Not to disregard your efforts or anything, but you can get an official ball for just 5 bucks. I think its worth buying something official for that cheap instead of spending so much time trying to make something nonofficial that still has a risk of failing when being printed.

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I believe the model is just for looks or mocking up mechanisms while teams do not have fields early in the season. Since quarantine, many people do not have access to fields and may have a 3D printer.

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Please refer to the second sentence of my post. Some teams are unable to get parts until later in the season. Right now some vexU teams are unable to place orders though their school until September due to Covid-19.


Have you actually made one yet? The nylon screws worry me a bit about the structure. Do you think it’d handle any abuse?

I have not printed it myself because I have no use for the balls.
If weight is not a concern then regular screws and nuts can be used but it will be between 30 to 40g heavier.
However, it is a thin shell, an impact strong enough to break the nylon screws would likely also be strong enough to damage the structure of the printed ball. I do not suggest launching this ball with a puncher or across the field with a flywheel.
I assume teams would be mainly using this ball early season when prototyping intakes and other low force applications.


awesome! thanks for this, my printer bed is quite small and I was disappointed that I wasn’t going to be able to print the pieces. Our game elements were ordered a few days ago, lets see what I can get first.