Vex 4.25" turntable

How do you attach metal to the bearing on the turntable? The package didn’t come with any screws and our longest ones barely reach the other side of the bearing. We’re using shafts and collars right now but it doesn’t line up properly with the metal.

We could buy longer screws but if there’s another method to attaching metal to the turntable, we’d like to know.

Any suggestions?

unfortunately there is nothing else you can do without the risk of breaking the bearing i suggest you bring a nut to your local hardware store and pick up some 1 inch (or larger) screws in any head (because it no longer has to be a button head cap screw) but if that is out of the question (they are about $0.30 each) you could try to drill through half the bearing widening the hole to the size of a standoff then screw it in both sides to secure the metal to the bearing (i strongly suggest you go with the screws)

If we bought the screws, wouldn’t they be illegal since they’re not “official vex products”?

they are “identical to” official vex products and therefore they will be legal

Standard VEX assembly screws are 8-32 in lengths up to 2 inches.

According to the game manual:

Thus the screws from your local hardware store would be legal

(i feel like Karthik now haha)