VEX 4" High Traction Tire (4-pack)

A new and exciting addition to the VEX product line is now available.

4" High Traction Tire (4-pack) - $12.99

From the product page:

The VEX 4" High Traction Tires are replacements for the “all-purpose” treads found on VEX 4" diameter wheels. These tires are designed to provide high traction on smooth surfaces.

*Note: This kit includes tires only, wheel rims not included. Simply remove the current 4" tires from their plastic rims and replace them with these high traction ones.

These look pretty cool. I know the description says they provide more traction on a smooth surface but i was wondering about the foam competition field. I feel like the ridges in the standard 4" tires dig into the foam to provide pretty good traction. Has there ban any testing to determine which 4" tire provides more traction on the foam competition field? If so what were the findings?


A word of caution - When a heavy bot makes those ridges dig in, (especially the ones oround the outer edge of the tires) turning can become almost impossible with the original 4" tires. - I plan to buy some of these new 4" tires. - Blake

Aw shucks, you took al the fun out of having to stretch the 2.5 inch tires over the 4 inch rims. Each one was good for at least half an hour of pinched fingers and the development of ever-more-clever systems for accomplishing this. At least the challenge of mating them with slightly different sized omni-wheels will still remain!

Just got our first packs of these today. :slight_smile:

will the new kits have this wheel included?
or the original tires?

Hey Rick,

When one of the teams gets a chance to try them out, could you let us know how well they work along with any other info you wish to share?

I’m planning on buying a pack, but it won’t be for a little while yet and I was just curious.

In particular, let us all know if they roll under the ladder.
In a simple loose wheel donut roll test, my results are:

  • 4" wheel no tire rolls easily under all sides of the Roundup Ladder
  • 4" omni wheel: does not roll under any side
  • 4" wheel with old ridged tire: does not roll under any side
  • 4" wheel with new high traction tire:?

YMMV, weight of a robot may press wheel into foam enough to help a little

hmm thats interesting
if you have time can you do some more tests?

  1. how far indented is the ladder into the foam?
  2. how much is it off by? .5", .25", 1/8"???

To me, driving under the ladder seems a little to dangerous… either it works or it doesn’t. Suppose your practice field is just the slightest bit different from the real field at comp. That could really mess up your day…