VEX 5" wheels legality

Our team is currently in the process of finding new wheels to replace our omnis. We were hoping to use 5" wheels until we saw that they were discontinued. Are we still allowed to use them in competition?


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Discontinued just means they no longer sell, the product will specifically say if it’s illegal on the VEX website (ie 75 mhz system).

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They should start remaking 5" wheels. I would like to get some. Especially with V5’s increased raw power to drive them, they’ll be much faster, and climb obstacles easier. (But maybe that’s why they’ve discontinued them…)

I was a volunteer referee at a middle school tournament recently. There was one team using those 5" wheels in question, and they just could not handle the speed. Several times when they came into pushing matches, rather than pushing they just ran onto the bot or tipped themselves over.
In a competition like this, the extra inch ends up causing more problems for competitors to work around if they try to use things like those.

These old 5" wheels will shred field tiles with V5 motors I would have thought.
Teams that have been around a while will have stacks of them, you used to get them in every kit!

Apparently you can still get the 5 inch wheels. They are part of a kit, but vex shows them in stock.

You can also get them on ebay.