Vex 62 mid-season reveal

5 works very consistent in 14 seconds and i am working in 7. See you socal teams at state this weekend!


OMG CAM! (10char)

Wow cool bot.

Wow, nice job! It’ll be quite the tournament this weekend. Looking forward to seeing this in person!

Awesome robot!!!
Although you probably are stretching this “mid season” thing a bit…


It doesn’t look like there is another mechanism on the other side; I’m guessing you just turn the robot around to switch between red and blue? And how many cubes can it hold? Very impressive bot. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get the idea for that skyrise stacker?

I had this robot most of the season but chose not to compete with the skyrise intake attached.

Yes, you just turn the robot around for blue. It can hold 3 cubes. I had the idea all season long and was slightly inspired by 400X to improve upon it.


Very impressive… And I love the “see you socal teams at state this weekend” aka…they just got served a warning!;)LOL:cool:

Wow, nice robot Cam! I can’t wait to see your match scores :smiley: maybe you can even beat 103?

Amazing Execution! I have seen this concept a few times, but this may be the most effective i have seen.

Just one question, i noticed it shoot out at the beginning; would you mind showing or explaining that process as i am a bit behind your great ideas. thanks!:smiley:

This not that impressive, I seen 9+ sky rise in 15 second autonomous

I don’t think that it was a coincidence that the reveal was done in a dark room from far away.

touche, i kinda figured.

:stuck_out_tongue: you might get more pictures and videos after state

Please explain further, do you mean you know a team that makes 36 points in auton singlehandedly. If so I would like proof of such an incredible auton. Perhaps you are mistaking this for a programming skills.

I, myself consider this extremely impressive. Thanks Cameron for sharing such an awesome and inspirational auton.


I Think what NotARobot is trying to say here is: They have seen a Beautiful- Sunrise (sky rise 9+)(on a scale from 1-10) “rise” in 15 seconds with no ones help(autonomously);):wink:

Some of you here were actually thinking NotARobot saw a “9 VEX Skyrise sections” vertically stacked in a 15 second autonomous period. :eek:

This clarification is brilliant!

Strange, highest programming skills at Socal was less than half your auton. Was there a reason you didn’t go for it? You could’ve easily had the winning score.

I am interested in that pneumatic skyrise plunger you have. It’s so compact. I’m wondering what kind of mechanism you used to make it expand and contract inside of the skyrise sections.