Vex + Adurino = Quad Copter

ok so my friend had this brilliant idea. we where playing with an airplane earlier today… and ya that ended badly. so we repaired it and set it aside to cure over the weekend (glue). so we had the bright idea to build a quad copter… but the first problem is remote control. but the adurinos we have dont have wireless access. and we dont have a QBEEE card for them so the thing im saying to use is a vex cortex so is there a way we can use the functinality of a VEX cortex and an adurino and have them pass information back and forth from each other or should we just use the vex cortex and make it work

I believe JPearman’s post in the first search result will help you

Also Jpearman’s post in the 4th search result

Not sure how well the cortex would work since you would have to use 3rd party motors and the VEX batteries are kinda heavy I think

And the range of VEXnet is not great either, especially VEXnet 2.0.
Ultimately, the Cortex is quite light so would work otherwise (not using a NiMH battery though)

If you’re making a quad why not buy a real transmitter? There are very cheap ones available. I have these on my quad and they work great. VEX stuff simply won’t have the range you need…unless you are flying you quad in your living room???

Hobby King Orange Tx
Hobby King Orange Rx

Also, an Arduino has no gyros…just get a real flight board…

Kk2 Flight Board

If you want a flight board that utilizes the same hardware you find in an Arduino Mega I would recommend the Ardupilot Mega. However if fancy something with more processing power then the 3DR Pixhawk would be a great alternative. Both boards have a very active community and are compatible with the ArduPilot Autopilot Suite.

Source: grad school research last spring involved open source drone control units extensively. Can’t say about what specifically though :wink:

Personally, I love the Pixhawk, it’s great and I support 3DR as a company immensely!