Vex Advanced Gear Packs

I’m happy to announce that we are now selling the individual systems from the Advanced Gear Kit in separate bundle packs.

Now if you want to buy just rack & pinion gears, or just bevel gears, or just differentials, or just worm gears & worm wheels, you can do so.

These can be found here:


Dear me, why does Vex keep releasing new stuff when ever I just place a VEX order? Well, I guess its not new but should save people money.

Keep it up VEX!

great, ive always disliked those diff. gear boxes and now i dont have to buy them!

Do you know how to use them?


wow that makes me mad i just placed an order an hour ago lol o well just have to wait till later to buy it:rolleyes:

yah i know how to use them, i used them with lego, i just dont find too many uses for them

yeah using them is a challenge since you need to find the space to support the diff gears boxes and have to support the drive shafts.

maybe they should have a metal that can hold the diff gear boxes instead of just the bevel metal.

id rather just use pieces of metal and make my own diff. gear box using the bevel gears

Yea thats cool that you are offering all of these gears, i want to order just differential gears and rack gears so this is great.

Would it be too much to ask if you could sell the 12-tooth and 36-tooth gears in separate packs, too? We recently crunched a bunch of 12-tooth gears, but we don’t have much use for the 36-tooth gears.