Vex Affected Blue Screen?

Yes, you do need Admin Privileges, and How big is the EXE, down to the Byte??    2,338,108 Bytes

(There is that whole Counting thing with 1024 Byte Kilobytes verses 1000 Byte Kilobytes)

well, size=2.99 MB (3,137,091 bytes)
size on disk=2.99 MB (3,137,536 bytes)
right one?

Hmm, that looks right for the link to, v1.0.3.11.

Yes that is the correct size for the Zip File, and the Installer Executable inside it is 2,337,244 Bytes.

This appears to be the Latest Prolific Driver for the PL-2303.

This past week, I saw an XP computer get the blue screen while downloading code to a microcontroller. So, no, it is not a Vista specific problem. I would encourage you to close program that might be taking a lot of power (ie Photoshop, Inventor etc.) while downloading, just as a precaution. I currently use easyC on two of my computers (one XP and one Vista) I have never had either of mine get the blue screen from it.

As an update on RAMs effect on a BSOD while using easyC 1.x to download and what I presume to be the latest compiler for it:

512 mb pc2100 WinXP-32 Pentium 4 Based Laptop: No BSOD

2 gb unknown ram-type in Vista-32 Athlon 64 4200+ Based Desktop: No BSOD

2x2 gb PC2 6400 dual-channel in Vista-64 Core 2 Quad Based Desktop: No BSOD

I’m thinking this may be a problem with later versions of easyC, are you using 2.0?