VEX After-Party

Our teams are going to the Worlds, and we are trying to see what activities we can do before and after the competitions.

We saw that there is an after party on Saturday night after the competitions, it seems on the same night there is “Thunder over Louisville” … anybody knows if the fireworks can be seen from the Kentucky Kingdom?

I am also not too familiar with that state but found this link useful, It mentions all the places you can get a good view of Thunder.

I think Kentucky Kingdom is about 5 miles from the river, where Thunder Over Louisville is held.

I suspect you’ll be able to see that there are fireworks, but not really be able to watch them from KK.


I am from that area, you can definitely see the fireworks from Kentucky Kingdom but it wouldn’t be an optimal viewing location. I would not advise taking students down to the waterfront to view the fireworks though. There are typically 1/2 a million people there and it would be difficult to keep track of a group of students there. Here is a website if you were to take your group there that might be helpful:

Thanks for the info, but we already decided to go to the Kentucky Kingdom. It will be a nice opportunity to spend time with friends from other teams.

Kaverman I totally agree, we are doing Kentucky Kingdom. Being from that area there is no way I would take a group of students to Thunder Over Louisville.

Since you are from that area, I arrive on Monday before the competition… do you have any recommendations on things to-do for Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Louisville Slugger Museum is really neat, they do tours of the facility:

How many students will you have with you? You also get a mini-Louisville Slugger bat with admission to the tour.

Well… for sight seeing I will most likely go with my kid (and any friend that would like to join us). For the after party… the 2 teams are going.

This is also an exciting place to go: it is across the street basically from the Louisville Slugger Museum.

I’ll go to the science center, and if I have time I’ll cross the street to the slugger :slight_smile:

Kev ain’t much of a sports fan, but he loves science (kinda nerdy). His favorite “sport” is League of Legends, he can play all day or watch the LCS all day long. The only way you get him to watch a sport game is if his hometown team is playing and he is going to the game.

I used to have a yearly pass to the science center, you won’t regret going!