Vex AI autonomous using c++

So I’ve heard other teams talking about sensors and things so I have been researching what they are but I was wondering if our team can use one of the sensors to track tribals with AI for autonomous if the sensor in our intake doesn’t go off so we have a way of tracking tribals and putting them in the goal using the most of the autonomous period Also our robot uses x drive train and are working on our intake and pneumatics rn so I was thinking about this topic for a bit like maybe place the digital sensor in the intake or if it’s even possible using vex code studio/c++

This has been proven to work, but the vex sensors quite honestly suck, what would be better for anything would be to have different sets of code for different auton period code, but if you really wanted to its very simple with Vision sensing.

Note: I HIGHLY do not recommend this because it is very slow and will just waste your teams time.