Vex AI Competition Student Eligibility?

The versions of appendix D found on the competition page and in the VRC hub differ in on who is eligible to compete in VAIC.
The VRC hub manual states the following:

All VAIC Team members must be matriculated in a post-secondary school

This restricts VAIC to university students only.

However, the appendix D pdf from the competition page states:

All VAIC Team members must be matriculated in a High-School, Home-School, or post-secondary school

This opens it up to both high school and college students.

@Grant_Cox which is correct?


They said in the video it would be high school and University. Lots of typos, but they’ll clear it all up.


May game manual update


The end of the appendix also specifically states:

We want to see High Schools and Universities face off in a global head-to-head competition.

My question is - can a team be comprised of both high school and college students? I assume yes, since there is nothing I’ve seen in the appendix d that would indicate no… But the above statement seems to indicate a desire to have one set against the other.


Interesting; may be a possible solution for 2020 high school graduates who take a gap-year (or otherwise can’t enroll in university) to participate with their prior Vex organization (well, maybe not if their high school was the Vex organization).

Will be interesting to see if Vex decides to be more flexible with participation requirements this season, given how upside-down the world is likely to be for some period of time.


VRC and VEX IQ define two different levels of student, giving them two different levels but even then they can play together. Given the small number of teams it will probably be one league without levels.