Vex AI cost

Hello I was wondering if anyone knows how much the Vex Ai registration is gonna cost and how much normal vrc cost for comparison. I know that vex has released applications for the competition but I am only a student and I don’t have the ability to find the cost. If anyone knows that would be great.

Because registration will include the required hardware (the new sensors, vex link, etc), I vaguely recall that it is approx. $1000-$2000. I saw this mentioned somewhere in the forum, I am still looking for it


Check out this post, which has a similar topic:


According to the application to participate in VEX AI, there is a $2500 registration fee. This $2500 fee includes the AI specific sensors and field bar-codes. It does not include competition registration fees, travel expenses, or general VEX parts.


“It might happen, there might be events. Also, coronavirus is a thing. Want to give us $2500 and see what happens?” Doubt there will be many takers, frankly.


There are still a lot of unanswered questions about that number. The listed hardware is 1200$ to buy yourself and normal registration is 150$ a team so where is the 2500$ figure coming from. It seems to be inflated 1000$ for some reason. So maybe it includes worlds registration and all teams instantly are qualified for worlds?

Maybe there is more hardware included than is listed?


I got my info from AI application.

Here’s a screenshot, since you need a robotevents account to access:
Screenshot_20200612-121728_Samsung Internet

Based on the amount of teams doing AI, which I doubt will be many, I could see auto-worlds registration being included. Maybe more hardware included, as well.


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