Vex ai field

In the game manual, the field looks like it has a different setup! Is this true?

Opaque side walls and position coding bar at top of wall. Otherwise same field as always and may be used to play VRC Change Up - so at an event, you dont have to have separate fields.

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And remember teams trying to get funding, those Opaque side walls need to be blank on the inside, but can have lots of paid for sponsor logos on the outside. Maybe earn enough to pay for your VEX AI robots?


@Foster @lacsap

Thanks for the insight! I primarily meant the setup of the actual game! In the game manual… in the AI section, it looks like the ball placements on the blue side were changed

Good catch! I’m 95% sure that was just an error in the Appendix D picture. It looks like they added 2 additional balls (for 34 total) on the blue side (with the 2 extra just out along the wall between the goals) on the main picture. Every other ball looks to be in the same placement.

Reading the actual Appendix D information, on page iii:

Please consult the VEX Robotics Competition Change Up Game Manual for the foundation set of competition details. All the standard Game, Robot, & Tournament rules apply, except for the modifications listed in this document. This Appendix is subject to changes per .

Nowhere in the document do I see it list changes to number or placement of balls (although they do refer to a “match load”, which I assume is actually the “Preload”), so that should have no change from the regular Change Up game info.

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VEX AI field features floating balls - water not included.


I just noticed they miffed the ball colors on the right middle goal as well - should be blue red blue but they appear to have red red red (and the top red kind of looks like it is sticking out of the top of the goal).

I think someone got a little side-tracked on picture day!


@TeamTX @lacsap Thanks!

You are welcome! I really had not looked at the graphics in the manual. Like typos, some craziness appears in final product. Fortunately, a number of revisions will appear in the months to come.

That said, lot of fun looking really closely at levitating ball :slight_smile:

Best wishes this coming competition season!


--------------------- you too!