Vex AI Object Detection Problems

When I look at the dashboard from the jetson wifi, it shows the ball locations and basically says “I see you, you exist,” but when I look at the brain, it says that the boxnum variable is zero (no objects detected) and is basically saying, “I don’t see anything,” even though it can obviously see since it showed it on the dashboard. Does anyone know why this is? Why it’s contradicting itself? Pls help. Thanks20210310_085458 Capture


It seems like the jetson isn’t able to communicate with the V5 brain. Do you have the USB cable connecting the brain and the jetson? Here’s an image showing how everything in the VAIC system should be connected together:


Have you updated to the latest Jetson image and AI Demo code ? There was a release back in January and another (I think it went out) a couple of weeks ago. If you are not a member of the private AI channel here on the forum, send @DRow a DM and ask him to add you.


I don’t see any version of the jetson image newer than January 8th of this year, and the last material commit to the brain code repo was made on January 29th. Is there another place that these are hosted that would have the more up to date versions that you mentioned?

Can you share a picture of the whole robot? I’d like to see the wiring.

There’s a more recent version of V5DataServer I believe that fixed an issue with object positions. But there’s also a workaround posted for that bug in the AI channel.