Vex AI part legality questions

I noticed that in the VEX AI rulebook, it states that “Similarly, pre-drilled or extruded metal, such as
angle aluminum, is not permitted”. I may be misunderstanding something here, but doesn’t this rule out some pretty useful materials such as metal tubing/axles that are pretty critical for manufacturing a custom robot?
Also, does anyone have any updated information on a release date for the Vex AI products?

Most of that will be covered in the VEXpro range which is legal and contains aluminum extrusions and brackets. The standard EDR range has aluminum angles.

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Where on Earth did you find that PDF?? It looks official and I didn’t know they had released any more info yet.

Thank you soo much for that repo!

This pdf was sent out to VexU teams that were going to be part of demo tournament doing 2020 worlds

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and may or may not be valid for this year, should probably take that down.


I have told him it is likely the team will be completely out the 1000$ spent on those parts and have them be completely useless when we get more VEX AI information.

I strongly suggest no one actually buy any of those things right now until we actually see what RECF provides with registration and how the competition will go.


Well the doc does provide an estimate for team registration for VAIC teams. It will probably be $1000-$1500 per VAIC team since the public VAIC info release said that the sensors would be shipped with registration. Also all those sensors are legal for VEXU because of the custom electronics ruling. The official ones may not be allowed but that ruling has not been made yet. Also it will likely be that the tracking strip won’t be on most VEXU fields.


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