Vex AI Robot skills

Does anyone know whether or not VAIC will have robot skills available to them?


Technically, they can’t - no driver control period :slight_smile:

Robot Skills scores are defined by adding Driver skills and Programming skills scores.

Given the format of VEX AI - it does not make sense.


I thought so, but I haven’t seen anything official on it yet.

Unless the field was randomised, I can’t really see AI Skills being any different to current VRC or VEX-U Programming Skills so no real point.


The problem with randomizing it is that humans suck at being random.

Who said humans would randomize it?


The other issue is that rng is unfair. With randomized fields, 2 teams with identical code and identical robots might end up with drastically different scores.

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Let’s keep in mind, what team isn’t going to just run their normal AI code for skills? Just comment out any defensive pushing code and you have a ready made skills that works beautifully no matter what the field is.


Instead of running driver skills, it could be that you run “AI skills” where you just run your AI code.

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Oh yeah, definitely not suggesting this should be an option. Just saying if it is a preconfigured field with one team on, its just programming skills with no major difference to VRC or VEX-U. I mean obviously you get a different form of position tracking and the vision stuff could make for more precise programming skills but the whole point in the AI program seems to be writing solutions to deal with the unknown behaviour of the opposition rather than to make presets as you would in Programming Skills.