Vex AI team plan questions

So, some friends and I were talking about creating a Vex AI team and were wondering if we could get some clarification on limitations to the competition. We are members of Vexmen robotics(80,81,90,91 - Pennsylvania) and there are a lot of teams in our club (we are one of the largest in the world I believe). Because of this, we thought it would be fun to make a Frankenstein-ish team from our other teams. Primarily we have been talking about combining(none of this is at all official and is completely hypothetical) 91A and 81P for example. Both are experienced teams with varied interests in this new competition template.

Theoretically, would it be possible for both of these teams to compete in VRC individually (as in past years) and then together for the Vex AI challenge? To complete this, 91A could build a 15" robot with 8 motors, and 81P could build an 18" robot(acting as the 24" variant). They would then compete as separate teams with consistent drive teams( as per Vex VRC rules) in standard VRC competitions, also without the extra sensors and programming. Then at an AI event, they would attach the sensors to the robot, reload the “AI code” and compete as Vexmen (Insert random number here) under one team.

So, in summary, they would compete as VRC teams individually following all rules, but on the side be developing the code for the robots and strategy together. And then competing as one joint Vex AI team meeting all of those rules. Basically, can we use the same robots(meeting specs) for VRC and AI competitions?


Once again, this is not fully thought out, determined, or planned. I do not speak for either of these teams, our mentors, club board, or our club as a whole. This is just an idea some people in the club have had


As I understand it, this is completely legal, since VRC and VAIC are separate competitions.


I just saw this and it is the impression I got after reading both manuals and all the appendixes


dont think you will be infringing any rules.
but you might not be fully ultilising the full potential of this VAIC rules (which is essentially VEXU).

Some points to take note of (and also for your considerations):

  1. the robots supposed to complement each other - but HS VRC robots are mostly multi-functional. Putting 2 scoring robots together may or may not be the best pairing.

  2. you will not be maximising the ability of the 24" robot - there are so many times that size do matters… and you can packed more things (with unlimited motors rules) inside 24".

  3. your 15" VRC robot will be at a disadvantage at the HS VRC.

  4. Using VEXU as a guide, normally the team will have at least 3 robots for competitions, depending on the opponents.


Yeah, I understand it might not be effective, I was just wondering if it was theoretically legal. We would be at a large disadvantage. Just trying to see if we could do it at a lower cost for the first year to test it out in the club.


That is, probably, true for top 10% of the VEXU teams, but I get impression that top 5% of the 18" HS robots could outscore bottom 90% of VEXU robots, even 1v2 and both in programming and driver control.

Also, an 18" HS robot could be designed with a removable backpack that gives it extra functionality for VAIC. For example, a deployable wall or any other optional modules.

There could easily be 3 robots from interested HS teams available to choose from.



yes, you will need to do that no matter what technical loop hole you think you might have found.

and not consulting your " teams, our mentors, club board, or our club as a whole." is an indication you are probably NOT ready for VEX AI…

(like seriously, VEXmen brand is well known and you can not be bothered to ask anyone there first???).

Maybe I am the only one who thinks not socializing this idea within a club is the first step.


You are right. I am looking at the competitive teams.
But if the intention is just to experience how it is like and learn some programming, then it is not an issue just to use the VRC robots for this.

It actually takes a lot of planning for this modular approach.
Moreover, it will be difficult to put on a few more motors on to the drive train for VAIC.

But again, if the intention is not to win worlds, etc, then even the planning itself is a very good learning experience.


I know I need to do that but we were just waiting. We weren’t planning from hiding it from our club, that isn’t the kind of students we are. This post was just trying to see if the general idea was allowed because we weren’t sure that it was. I said I didn’t speak for the board or the club because we haven’t made decisions on what anyone in the club is doing. If I was trying to hide it, I wouldn’t post on the forums.