VEX Aluminum Pieces Available in new Multi-Packs

VEX Aluminum pieces are now available in individual part multi-packs as well as in the existing bundle kits.

The new individual part multi-packs are:

More information is available on the new Aluminum Kits page.

THANK YOU. I hope you have a lot of the 1x25’s in stock.

i wonder how long until some of the more popular packs are out of stock :stuck_out_tongue:


(I don’t know what else to say :D)

Thank You!!! This will make building robots much cheaper!

Thank you so much this makes building the robots cheeper and i will be able to get exactly what i need with no peices left over or such a hefty price tag

Thanks so much! This made my week because we are about to place a large order of aluminum and were dreading all of the leftovers, and wasted money.

This is the greatest news since sliced bread. Thank you!

It’s even better than sliced bread!

Another awesome addition!

I do have something to add, though … weights? :wink:


Do you want to know how much the aluminum parts weigh, or do you want hunks of metal to use as dead weight?


My bad; I meant I would like to know how much the parts weigh… . I guess I’ll have to take a trip to the post office sometime soon with a bunch of parts, haha.


My teacher has been asking this for ages! Less money spent on unneeded aluminum, more funding for other parts!

You have made a lot of teams of happy, hehe.

To a good first approximation, they are all contain 40% of the mass of their steel counterparts.

Obviously this isn’t an absolute weight, but the ratio is useful to know. I will weigh some items on my home scale and post the results.


Jordan/Folks - Here are the values I got from my scale - Enjoy - Blake

25 x 2x2x0  Angle     =  49 grams
35 x 2x2x0  Angle     =  71 grams
25 x 1x2x1  Channel   =  51 grams
35 x 1x2x1  Channel   =  73 grams
25 x 1x5x1  Channel   =  96 grams
35 x 1x5x1  Channel   = 137 grams
25 x 1x2x0  Chassis   =  37 grams
25 x 1x0x0  Plate/Bar =  13.5 grams
25 x 5x0x0  Plate     =  65.5 grams

Thanks so much, Mr. Blake! :slight_smile: These should be really useful!