Vex and Education Survey

Hello All! In my Statistics class, we started a project where we are designing a study about something we are curious about or is important to us. I made the study as personally relevant and interesting as I could, and I believe that my study could lead to the collection of powerful data for aspiring students, educators, and current parents. As a senior, and given the time of year, college is quickly becoming a new reality to me, and most of my robotics team. As such, I want to answer the question: What level of higher education students that participated in Vex seek after high school?

In order to effectively answer this question, I would like to send a short and simple survey to as many high school alumni/past Vex participants as possible. This would be impossible for me to do alone. There are over 18,000 high school teams worldwide that are potential contact points for my data collection.

Link to Survey

Please send this to as many alumni as you can! Thank you all and good luck the rest of this season

Ryan - 523X

Psst! You didn’t link to the survey! :wink:

Fixed it!

You may want to change one question to phrase it correctly

I’ve done similar surveys for our club once we started graduating folks. 83% of our students went on to a STEM based major in school and most attributed robotics to helping them choose that. So: yeah robotics! I did not get 100% response from those who previously dropped out of the club. So that 83% is probably skewed high based upon responses. One person went the technical school route to become a network engineer which does not count as a STEM college bound person but still in the technology arena.

What I don’t know is if robotics changed someone’s mind to pursue some STEM based major or if they would have leaned that direction anyway, or if what they learned in robotics helped them stay in the STEM based major versus switching majors.

Thanks for pointing that out. Fixed it!

@Team80_Giraffes I am definitely interested to see if anyone says that Vex pointed them away from the STEM field, but we shall see…