VEX and Lab View

Team 1086 was wondering if there was any way you could program an VEX system with Lab View.

Thanks in advance!

-Alex, team 1086

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I would think you can because I believe that labview compiles in C which the VEX brain can read, but I have never tried it and do not know one way or the other for sure.

From the national instruments website, they do not support the Microchip Harvard architecture. Therefore, Labview does not compile Microchip’s PIC code.

You might have better luck using the VEX serial port and making a Labview program to send commands to the VEX robot over wireless serial connection (i.e. the FRC 900Mhz radios)

This is a great question and I wish I knew the answer. I was told that next year the FRC teams will have to program their robots’ new controller using LabView. We had the LabView CDs from the 2007 kit so a couple of us installed it & attended one of NI’s free hands-on seminars.

I knew LabView from its more traditional use and jumped at the opportunity to learn more about building virtual instruments.

Then I downloaded the three tutorials from Chief Delphi:– warning they are BIG files.

I just finished the last of these tutorials. What they showed in these tutorials is that you still build your robot’s software with EasyC and that is what runs on the robot’s controller. However, you can then connect your controller’s inputs and outputs to a DAQ and simulate your robot’s motors and sensors (and a LOT more) in LabView. They have also built a library of drag and drop functions for the FRC kit of parts. (Which, by the way, is without a doubt the most SUPER COOL robot modeling tool kit I’ve ever seen).

So if they plan to use LabView to directly program the robot next year, they are going to have to release some updated training materials. Please keep in mind these are last year’s materials, not next years. If LabView has a way to compile and download code like EasyC & the IFI loader does, I didn’t see anything about that in these tutorials.

So, would one of you more experienced in this sort of thing care to comment on this? I would very much appreciate if you have some solid information and could shed some light on this question.

Thanks in advance,

The VEX competition will not use Labview.

However the FIRST Tech Competition will allow the use of labview.
See Here “What programming tools can be used with the new kit?”

The information provided was quite useful and is valuable too…