Vex and Vex TSA

So on the weekend before my competition I decide to look at what name tag requirements because on all the spin up reveals I have seen teams have names, and so when I look in the rules I see you need to have your team name on nametags at all times.
This led me down a rabbit hole as I realized I was never told my team name nor did we register ourselves yet we are still attending a state tourney for TSA this week.

What is the difference between VEX and TVRC? Can I do both at once? How do I know my number when I am doing TVRC? how does this all work

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maybe contact the TSA people and see what you need for that.

TSA (Technology Student Association) is another engineering/STEM competition system. The Vexforums are primarily about Vex Robotics Competition and events run by the Robotics Education Competition Foundation (RECF). All of the team names you see here are teams registered with RECF and are not competing in TSA. For TSA, read the rules for that specific event.

TVRC uses the Vex game and acts very similar, but is run separately. Talk to your advisor about this, they would know.

I never did Vex with TSA but I did compete in TSA for 3 years. I hope this makes sense, but if I missed something or wrote something wrong, I apologize.