Vex and Vista

well looking at there XCode and developer stuff + i like keynote(ive usd it alot), garage band and iTunes has really changed my view towards the iMac

the only thing is…software compatitbility

I wish I had something like GarageBand for a PC. Idealy Macs would be made so that no matter what CD you poped in, even if it was ment for windows, it would run flawlessly. But that is not going to happen soon. Hey, by the way, what about the new OS Lepard? I think it is cool looking, I still like my PC.

yes it is too bad we dont live in a perfect world, although in a perfect world there would be no challenges and no challenges defies the point of vex, so…

easyC V2 and Pro now officially support windows Vista

You can goto or
[ and get the upgrade.

Please not that your old version of easyC will need to be uninstalled
if you don’t the installer will force you to.]( and get the upgrade.)

i was looking on best buy and i noticed this

would you be able to use this to run easy c on a mac???

You wouldn’t need that if you buy a mac with leopard it already has a program called bootcamp that runs windows.

I have already addressed this issue!

Bootcamp cuts your computer resources in half! So it runs really badly.

P.S. Does Vex EasyC work with Linux?
P.P.S. Does EasyC even start up with Vista? What are the problems with EasyC and Vista? Are they little glitches? Or huge things?

I would really like to know.

im using a trial versn of easyC pro on my vista and it works great…no problems

as for linux look on the Vex and Linux thread, they say they’ve got this to work

Yes, but to use bootcamp you need to install Windows on the Mac to run the program and create a separate partition on your hard-drive for it. Instead you could use Cross-over or Fusion so that you don’t need to buy windows, it just runs in a windows environment while running OS X. Which is much nicer since you don’t need to buy another operating system, just Fusion or Cross-over.


you can backup your data, and install xp.

or you could just get a mac. :slight_smile:


Compatiblity is not an issue. there are many applications that will read any file type on a mac. all your files can cross between systems. for virtually any application you have on windows, you can find the same thing on mac, or something comparable, that is usually better. for those specific, and hardware specific (such as easyc) apps, you can boot into windows using bootcamp, emulate windows with vmware or parallels, or you can use wine with crossover.

compatibility is not an issue. you just have to figure out what to do with all the time you gain from not dealing with a crappy os (windows), rebooting, dealing with viruses, etc.

Actually compatibility is an issue, expecially when there is a program that only works with windows. Yeah, I would say thats a big issue.

if you end up using a program like wine for linux there is no possible way that it does not slow down your system when running a windows program, its an extra process which means it takes more memory which means slower running

Actually, if you read my post, i explained that you can boot into windows where you’re at native speed, emulate windows, or use wine or corssover for mac.

So no, it’s not an issue at all.

whats the point of buying a mac and then booting with windows?

This is turning into a Mac VS. PC thing. Lets just drop it (they blocked the Mac or PC thread).

agreed, the question was does vex work with vista, now we know it does so this thread is pointless to continue, it would actually be good if JVN locked it

I hope you read what I wrote on the mac vs. pc tread GGCO, and that it clears up any confusion that you may have about compatibility or the splitting of system resources when using windows on a mac. I also apologize if I sounded harsh or rude as it was not my intention.

Let’s not continue the discussion from the locked thread here.

EasyC is compatible with Vista! Question answered.