vex anti slip mat equivalent?

Hi, The VEX non slip pad looks suspiciously similar to the pads you can get for under your carpet to prevent them from sliding around. :slight_smile:
Does anyone know the exact supplier for VEX and whether it is in fact the same thing? Has anyone used equivalents before? How about the thin type? Pictures? Links? Thanks.

I think the VEX ones have a bit of a smaller pattern than that. Check at Hardware stores and the like for the type of thing you can also put in drawers to stop stuff from sliding about.

I think it will be difficult to find the exact same, as there are probably so many different variations and different suppliers worldwide. I would take a sample with you to the stores and compare it.

This is a good idea. It’s worth the money to purchase a sample of actual VEX non-slip mat, instead of guessing and being told “that’s not legal.” We bought some of the “thick” style from VEX, then went to Home Depot (or similar) and bought a roll (10ft x 3ft?). We’ve never had to buy more.

Just make sure to cut the roll into pieces of 12"x15" or smaller before use, so it’s “identical” to a VEX part–it would be illegal to use, say, a strip of size 1" by 24".

The “Dollar Tree” chain has rolls of it also.