VEX Anti-Slip Mat

Does anyone have an answer to this question:

This year we are needing to use the anti-slip( VEX #: 275-0121) mat that VEX provides for our robot. Is there a rule stating on how much we can use? I am just wanting to be sure before we start installing it in case there is a limit. I could not find it anywhere in the rules.

Thanks again everyone

No, there is NO limit.

Other than the size of the pieces you are using if it’s not supplied by Vex, no.


If you use an “equivalent” mat, it cannot be larger than 12" x 15" (or it wouldn’t be equivalent)

So I can use as much as I want as long as everything comes from the same 12"x15" mats? Or I just cant use a single piece that is larger than a 12"x15" mat? I just want to be sure.

You can’t use a single piece larger than 12x15, I believe.

You can use as much as you want as long as no single piece is bigger than 12"x15".

Ok that clarifies everything, thank you so much!

Good luck to everyone!