Vex apparel

I think it would be cool if vex had its own apparel.

I am talking tee shirts, hats, but nothing like pants or jackets lol that would be excessive.

Its just an idea but its not really a vex product more like one of those things you just have to have for no reason at all.

Some of our alumni have Vex shirts. I think they got them in Atlanta.

Hey guys… They all ready do.

I think T-shirts would be cool.

Ah, but polos are classy.

I have two of the vex T-shirts they gave out at the 2005 FVC challenge in Atlanta. I love the funny saying they have on the front of them but the Vex Robotics logo is a bit to small on the back sadly.

in the FTC competition in delaware i saw a lady with vex earings!
the looked like they were bought from a store but when you looked closely she had made them herself.
get creative!
paint a hoodie vex stripe colours!?
i dont know…

They can always sell Vex Shoes
It’ll also be cool if the Vex shoes had wheels in them like those wheelie shoes (If it were Omnis, it’ll be better)
Someone already made a Vex Power Glove, so I would think that this will be nice

I didn’t even know they sold that.

Vex shoes are a little extreme unless your some sort of die hard vex fan

tell that to the lady with the vex ear rings

Thats crazy, vex earings lol! I have no idea why someone would spend the money to have it etched into an earing unless your a real die hard fan.

Well some people may do it to win other awards
btw, was that person involved with a team?
if she was, then it’ll be somewhat logical
but if she wasn’t, it’s kind of creepy

I don’t know if she was on a team but if she wasn’t then it is not just creepy its really creepy.

****, i would get my ears pieced just to wear vex earrings! lol

I wouldn’t. I do like the vex hats though. I also would like to see a wider variety of vex shirts

I really dont care for hats very much.

Breaker, Breaker…
…Go ahead Breaker…
(translation: pardon the interruption)

Vex travelling patches would be cool. You know, like the ones that you can iron or sew on or whatever. Then you could turn whatever you like into Vex. Or you could just post it on the sleeve of your letter jacket…

I would like to see several different designs for this… got any good images?

also: traveling mugs, ceramic mugs, window clings. Cool eh? or is this approaching one of those “vex earrings” things?

not to mention magnets.

If they had t-shirts with a larger vex logo I would get one, the shirts they have now just have a tiny logo on the front - not very eyecatching really