VEX-Applied Autodesk Inventor Training Series

I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile now but I guess I finally got around to it. It is a Vex Autodesk Inventor training series. It will cover stuff from the interface to animating chain (if I get that far). So far I have one video posted on youtube; the interface of Inventor. Link below

I hope this helps someone because not everyone has a teacher that will teach them the program.

This is a fantastic idea. Thanks for stepping up to the plate and doing it!

Thanks for doing this!

Your Welcome!

I am in the middle of downloading it right now, can’t wait to try to use it!

while your waiting i strongly suggest you download s^3’s cad part library, download link below
Its great!

Is it a bunch of different parts to use for modeling; so I don’t have to make it on my own?

Yes, it is pretty much the whole vex store for CAD haha. And you do not have to make your own if you choose to use theirs.

Sweet! I will have to mess around to see how to work with it :smiley:

I uploaded the first video that is actually teaching you something. It is the mate and flush constraint. These are the most commonly used constraints in Inventor for the VEX user.
Video Link Below

I haven’t looked at your videos yet, but it sounds like they would be a good candidate for an Online Challenge entry.

Thank you for the suggestion! I will definitely consider it!

Awesome…Thanks :smiley:

Your Welcome!

I uploaded 4 new videos! They cover:

  1. Where to place part library
  2. Tangent Constraint
  3. How to attach gears/wheels/sprockets
  4. How to create rotating arm

Hope the videos give a good enough explanation on how to do the stuff, if anyone doesn’t think so, please tell me!!

Thanks so much!

The videos help out a lot! Thanks!

I cannot get the Super Sonic Sparks CAD Library to open in Inventor.

I have it downloaded, but it will not open.

What is wrong.

Bot-E Builders, you will need to elaborate on the problems you are having. It is not so simple to say something is wrong and expect somebody to be able to help.

It would also be helpful to refrain from reviving threads that are months old unless it is absolutely necessary to comment on some aspect of the topic! Make sure your responses are relevant and helpful posts to the VEX community! :slight_smile:

Do you have winRar downloaded to open it up?

This thread was updated about 2 days ago by me, but you do have a good point.