Vex auto stacker close up!

You asked for it, and here it is!

Which internal gears are used on the chain bar?

@Bryan R It is speed 1:5, he said it yesterday

I think hes asking for the internal gearing in the motors like for speed/standard/turbo

Wait did he say speed or just 1:5

It has speed motors and an external gearing of 1:5.

Yea ok I thought he just said 1:5

If you have a question, just ask me, it is indeed speed 1:5

Just some ideas…

time 2:30, if you move your lift motors to the middle vertical section you can omit the gear train from your towers enabling you to move them further out and gain more middle space. You will now have to lift the weight of the motors but space may be more valuable. The motors will be on the middle vertical segment in alignment with the towers(out of the way).

time 3:24, that adjacent sprocket is stationary correct? Could you tap holes into the plastic and screw the pot into it, or drill holes and zip tie it really tight?

How wide is your robot at the edges of the motors? it looks like your motors stick out a significant distance beyond 18", but I could be wrong.

I have a way to make it fit thinner than 18"… you just have to drop the cones ~8" and make them land on the mobile base for the first few.

While certainly impressed with your build quality, I am somewhat confused as to the purpose of the chain bar. As far as I can tell, it’s only application would be in which your robot is in between a cone and goal, during which it could move the cone to the correct orientation without movement in the drive. Does this one utility, however, justify the weight and usage of two motors? Or is there some feature of which I am unaware?

Perhaps he plans on carrying/dragging the mobile goal around, in which case it will always be on the opposite side? Thus the chain bar. That was what I had considered when I thought about a dr4b with a chain bar above it.

Why don’t you try using low strength gears instead of high strength gears on the chain bar to free up some space?

Ah, my mistake. Perhaps designs like this and designs which focus on scoring without moving the mobile goal will fight design convergence after all.

I’m pretty sure everyone’s ​gonna move towards carrying the mobile goal

I plan on carrying the mobile goal

That’s a great idea!

First idea is great except if I decide to use a transmission, because then there is no way to power it :frowning: As for the second idea, the shaft is stationary just like the sprocket, and attaching it like that would cause it to not do anything :stuck_out_tongue:

what music is in the backround?