Vex Autonomous Question

This may be a kind of silly question, but I was thinking if Alliance 1 was able to get a home row. But in the process a ball rolled to the other Alliance2’s side. Would Alliance1’s home row be valid, or would that also be invalid due to the fact that they are disqualified from autonomous.

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It depends, see rule SG3.

<SG3> Keep Balls on your side in Autonomous.
Balls that start fully on one side of the Autonomous Line may not contact the foam tiles on the opposite side of the Autonomous Lineduring the Autono-mous Period. Incidental violations of this rule and have no impact on the opposing Alliance will result in a Warning. Violations of this rule that affect the opposing Alliance’s autonomous routine will result in the Autono-mous Bonus being awarded to the opposing Alliance. Examples of affecting the opposing Alliance could include, but are not limited to, a Ball moving another Ball or getting in the path of a Robot.Note:Balls that start on the Autonomous Line are not included in this rule.


Iirc, you are awarded the bonus so long as you are not DQed in autonomous. As long as the ball doesnt affect the other side’s autonomous, there is no problem. Iirc, if you get autonomous DQed but your alliance partner doesnt, they get the auton win point.

I can’t be bothered to look it up, but earlier this season, the q and a said that you get the win point even if you cross the line.

Thanks everyone, this cleared my question up

The Autonomous Win Point and the Autonomous Bonus are not connected in any way. See:


Thanks for finding it. That was the q and a o referenced earlier.

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