VEX Autonomous

Hi! I need to make an autonomous, but I don’t know where to start. Like, at ALL. If someone could please give a brief example/ instruction on how to do it, that would be great. :grin: Also, Please mention where everything goes, like what tag it goes into.

I’m using VEX C++, VEX Text.

Thank you! :grin:

Honestly, if you just read over the different functions in the Vex API, you should more than understand how to code a simple autonomous. Rather than asking others for examples, you should go through the API and understand what each function does and is capable of doing so. If you just read through it, you should be easily able to code a simple and/or complex autonomous routine. Another good reference would be the released Gits of other teams where all of their code is posted. Checking on Github would be a good idea if you wish for a more intuitive understanding.

I also recommend looking at example programs so you can see how things in the api work in application.

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Just to clarify, are you using the competition template? (Using the comp template is a good start at having an autonomous)

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There are some templates out there but for your functions the code looks like this

whatever motors you want moving and how
sleep for the time you want that to happen

Then just repeat that several times to create a working autonomous
Another thing I’ve seen that we are trying out is using limit switches to control what autonomous we are using. Good luck

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My usual process is to have somebody look at the diagrams and figure out an autonomous strategy, and a route for the robot to take. I then turn that into comments on the code, then I make methods like move forward and stuff to operate the robot, from there it’s just about order and a lot of testing, keeping in mind that the cubes are never necessarily in the same place every match (the rulebook specifies the acceptable margin of error for cube placement). And sleep statements, so. many. sleep statements.

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